Xtool vag401 software download

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Xtool vag401 software

This is XTOOL VAG update online tutorial for you! Are you still confused about how to update XTOOL VAG? Here are operation steps. How to update Xtool OBD-II Tools VAG, PS2, X Pro. The Xtool brand ( Disable any anti-virus software before running an upgrade). XTOOL VAG Question OBD Scanners. uses the Xtool product so I dont think anyone is familiar with their software or customer service.

Xtool VAG New Software VW Part VAG update free from autointhebox. com. Folks, I received the Xtool vag a year or so ago tha What software version is on the VAG scanner? This question is similar to. Software. Software version of the scanner is DISV55+SSSV The software is used for VCDS information, and it is crucial to disable.

Thread: Xtool VAG Handheld Scanner/VCDS Last Xtool Software update was 2/5/ Last Display Update was 9/20/12 - V Last Xtool. So what is $60 Xtool VAG tool? It is a copy/knockoff of VAS 2) get VCDS software from autojosh.info and install it. 3) navigate to. XTool VAG Review / Tour . start the VAG back up, it seems to upgrade the software as you enter the relevant sections of the menu.