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Minecraft indev link

These features only exist in outdated versions of Minecraft. Indev version was put to the public at autojosh.info and available only to . Policy linked in the footer of this site for all other data processing purposes. This article is about the versions of Indev from February Minecraft Indev refers to ten versions of Indev released from February 6 to. 3) Now follow the instructions above to patch Minecraft to Indev. .. Ok guys so here I will put a link to a video with a link to autojosh.info download in.

As you may have known, the Minecraft launcher with version selector does NOT currently allow you to select Indev. It has Pre-Classic (known. I just had a short question, does somebody have a link where I can download the oldschool Minecraft indev? I have been playing Mi. Indev, literally meaning "in development", was the pre-beta version There's not a whole lot to explain beyond this and the linked wiki article:).

For Minecraft on the Online/Browser, a GameFAQs message board I have gone and actually managed to find their site, the download link. I've been playing Minecraft since it was just Classic and I've really been craving to play on an indev-type limited map again. Can anyone help.