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Jonny 6 chess

Jonny is a computer chess program written by the German mathematician and programmer Johannes Zwanzger. Jonny won the World Computer Chess. 31 Oct - 38 min - Uploaded by kingscrusher Stockfish vs Jonny 6 - TCEC Season 7 - Stage 2 Instructive game tags: engine vs engine. Follow the live chess game between Stockfish and Jonny 6 () from round 05 of the TCEC Season 7 Stage 2. Analyze the moves with an engine and .

So the program 'Jonny' won the World Computer Chess Championship Guess not - it turns out it came 6/8 in the other tournament which was on equal. When my Chess Life arrived the other day I went to about the only column 3- Hiarcs (not listed), 4-Protector (8), 5-Shredder (8), 6-Ginkgo (6), Second, even though Jonny beat Komodo in their one game that's meaningless. Let's move my king away so it doesnt protect my Rook anymore, so that 6 moves from now i can sacrifice it without being in check! All of that so i.

Jonny, the chess program by Johannes Zwanzger, is the winner of the Texel 16 ,5 4. Arasan 14,0 5. Fritz 14,0 6. Vajolet 13,0 7. Bobcat 10,0 8.